We shall also be offering short training courses for young professionals, managers. These are our specially designed courses and we shall be issuing certifications for these courses. They will be run as individual courses with individual certifications. We shall equally be running some of these short courses from other partner’s institutions with a double certification. Some of the courses can be seen below as well as some of our partners.


Courses for Graceland College, the CIMM Academy.

Customer service and Relationship management

This course is out to train employees across the entire organization on customer service technique queered towards enhancing quality service at all levels in the organization considering that organizations have multiple stakeholders with whom they have multiple Encounters and have to satisfy. This course will be targeting all the workers most especially customer service personnel as well as managers. Also young professional leaving school can equally take this course to improve on their knowledge and to better prepare them for the Job Market.

Marketing practice:

This is a short training that will run for two weeks and its out to help those marketing professionals   who are currently working to acquire knowledge and skills in marketing. It is also meant for those who are none marketers who have little or no background knowledge in marketing. This to help them acquire a complementary certification to better suite them in the job market. Students who are currently taking courses in marketing can be part of this training to help them build a good base on the foundation. It can equally be for Business persons most especially those with startups.

Practical advertising:

Advertising is one of the Core communication tool in corporate communication. Therefore, this course is out to help students acquire knowledge in practical advertising. This is the mixture of the advertising principles and modern technological concepts. It is out to help trainees improve on their conceptualization and realization skills. We are all aware that without our ability to communicate information about a product, we cannot sell it. This course will be out to help trainees acquire knowledge on how to mix visuals, sounds, text to create a more profound effect on consumers.

This course will be targeting mostly marketing professionals, Marketing students who may want to improve on their knowledge in practical advertising, other individuals or professionals who may be interested in advertising and Corporate Communications or wish to specialize in this domain.

Team Management & Team Building:

This course is for mostly organizational managers and other professional who may want to acquire knowledge in building an effective team in order to attain organizational goals, It is also meant for business persons running any form of Business that involve a group of persons. This course can also be for students who may wish to improve on their knowledge within this domain. This course will be run for One week and will be accompanied by course hand book and other support materials.

General   English / Business English and Communications:

These are two separate programs. The general English is to help trainees to acquire knowledge in the English Language and to be able to write some English  Language Examinations such as Toefle and Toic. General English is for all categories of individuals mostly  especially workers and students.

Business English in the same light is out to improve on the English Language capability but this will be purely operational English in the organizations. Trainees will learn on how to communicate in all contexts with the organization and also on how to design communication messages for different stake holders. The duration of these courses will depend on the background and capability of the person concern.

IT Technology:

This program will be offering IT courses ranging from basic Microsoft office programs to other graphics programs such as Serigraphy, Infographics and Photoshop. These courses will help trainees to acquire the relevant IT skills to enable them improve on their Business and organizational performance. These will be delivered by quality and high profile professionals.

Organizational Behavior and Psychology:

This course is out to help improve on the knowledge of professionals most especially those working in Business or non-Business organizations. Those taking this program will develop key competences in managing their organizations, building a favorable organizational   work place settings   and develop the ability to work in team within the organization. This program is design to help trainees understand how organizations work and functions and   how to handle certain key constrains that may hinder job satisfaction, organizational productivity and effectiveness. This course is mostly for managers and organizational workers who may want to improve on their roles and the organization.

Management of Commerce and Negotiation Techniques:

This course is designs mostly for Business persons, workers as well as those involve in small Businesses. It is also open for students or young graduates who may want to acquire added value skills and knowledge in this domain. Those who have gone through this program will be able to acquire knowledge on how to manage business relationships and transactions as well as how to use the negotiation techniques to consolidate their business relationships. Trainees will also acquire knowledge on the various form of negotiations and communication in Business.

Management Practice:

This course is geared towards empowering managers and young professionals with practical managerial skills and competences most especially within the domain of leadership and decision making. In this course trainees will be drilled through a systematic and practical approach. Trainees will acquire diverse skills, knowledge and competences in different areas of management such as   : Leadership,  decision making, operational management and relationship building, team management and performance appraisal.