Project analysis for students and Businesses.

In this area we are more focused in helping students realized their professional goals most especially those senior students who are workers and may have limited time to work on their end of training projects and thesis. We are involved in supporting students from conceptualization of Topics, developing variables and modalities framework as well as developing questionnaires and analyzing the administered questionnaires. We shall equally give them support in interpreting and printing out of the Project. For any information and details about this, anybody interested can contact using our contacts address and Telephone Numbers

Developing Marketing plans

GSN is rendering this service to all forms of businesses ranging from small, medium and big companies. We are helping these Businesses manage their challenges and solve Business problems by developing for these companies, Quality and up to date Business Plans which will serve as a guide to enable the Businesses have sense of direction and to be able to put in place the best strategies possible to succeed through our propositions in the plan.

Sales Representation Services

This service of GSN is involve in supporting other Businesses to sell their services based on commission and other arrangements. Our primary service that we are selling is insurance with our Partner Being Beneficial Life/Prudential. We shall be involved in the sales of other products other than insurance and any Business who may be interested to build partnership with us should contact us using our contact address and Telephone numbers

Marketing Audit and Business analysis.

Marketing audit being a new Business orientation goes beyond financial audit.It helps the organisation to have a comprehensive knowledge of both the internal and the external environment.This will support in Business Analysis and Decision Making.CIMM/GSN will be out to offer Business Solutions and helping organisation’s solve critical Business problems.We have wide range of professionals with quality skills and capabilities to offer to you at all times up to date Solutions.

Advertising and promotional Campaigns Development.

We are involved in supporting the companies and other forms of organizations in Branding. We are equally running advertising campaigns for companies and other forms of Businesses. These are running short promotional campaigns, producing flyers, banners and other promotional materials for organizations.

Company’s Training

We are offering training in diverse areas such as Marketing, Human Resource Management and Safety management. These training are based on the needs of the company. The type of Equipment and Resources used in training will depend on the type of training ordered by the organization. These training will be delivered using standard and update Equipment and Resources which meets up professional standards. Details of any training needed is available at GSN office from the relevant authority or you may use our contact address and phone numbers to reach us.