With our passion for children, Graceland is also running a child development centre. This centre will liaise with bodies such as UNICEF, Program Abroad and other bodies. We shall be facilitator for programs on child development and will work with primary, secondary schools and Universities as well as orphanages, visiting minor inmates in prison as well as street children.

This is in the quest to raise up confident children for a better and sustainable society in the future. This centre will take the responsibility of developing young children most especially within the domain of mental health and psychology. This is in line with our commitment to improving on our society which is ravaged by immorality, poverty, sicknesses and diseases. This is to help place children lives on a safer ground to prepare them for a better tomorrow and to become future professionals and leaders.

We shall also be organizing quarterly events that will pull children and parents alike and educate them on their complementary roles in family growth……Click on this link for details. This centre will also contribute to improving and supporting young disadvantaged children such as orphans, malnourished and children from a poor background and those having special needs. The support will stem from scholarship, improving on their nutrition and other needs.

JMT YouthMax Initiative

 Being a member of the JMT we are expected to run the youth program in our local community and considering that this aligns with the vision of GSN, we have decided to fully engage in this initiative and make it a reality.

This will include Gallery for charity works