1) What is GSN ?

GSN is Global outreach and Social Network. This is a proposition that   is coin   for the Organization, ILLUMINATION. It   has been used as a representation of the Organization Click to Know More…

2) Who is the Founder and President?

The founder of   GSN is  Takere  Tichah Nji Nestor. He is a social entrepreneur and lecturer in Marketing and Marketing   and a Business Consultant Click to Know More.

3) Why was it form?

GSN was formed   in order to help to empower young professionals and to encourage the application of good Moral values in Professionalism see more

4) When was GSN Created?

GSN has five main activities which include: Training and Consultancy, Child Development, Online resource Centre, Book Writing, Business.

5) What are the main activities of GSN?

GSN has five main activities which include: Training and Consultancy, Child Development, Online resource Centre, Book Writing, Business.

6) Are the services of GSN free?

GSN does offer a lot of free services such as the online resources, offer free books to young people and   others in need. Also involve in meeting the needs   for underprivileged children and others.

7) Why did the founder decide to create an integrated form of organization?

Being a Business Social entrepreneur he is trying to create a possibility of managing the social activities of the organization through self-sponsorship   since they might not rely only on external sponsorship. Therefore, engaging in Business with GSN and helping them to generate revenue, you will be contributing in changing a life.

8) Is GSN found in different parts of the world?

For the moment but we look forward to creating other branches in different parts of the world most especially in Africa. However, our activities have global accessibility via new technology and  our online facilities.

9) How do GSN Carry out their Training and consultancy activities?

GSN has a training center called CIMM ACADEMY and we are specialized in field of Marketing and Management. We offer courses in diverse areas in these fields which are run onsite and virtually. This center will also serve as a platform to provide Business solutions to companies and other Businesses via our consultancy services.  Details of these can be seen using the link.

10) What are the other main areas of Business that GSN is involved in?

GSN   is serving as a sales representative agency for other Businesses products, we are involved in building company’s brand through the production and sales are promotional gadgets and advertising materials for organizations and individuals. GSN is also involved supplies services most especially for consumable products.

11) What main activities is GSN carrying out to empower youths?

Youth empowerment is done mostly   through our seminars, conferences, workshops and the formal training activities we shall be carrying out. We equally use   the online capabilities to empower young people such as the social media (WhatsApp, Skype Tube, Facebook). We   also empower young people through our regular school campaign.

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12) Does GSN accept partnership?

Considering that Partnership in the core is leveraging organizational activities, GNS uphold Partnership as a core strategy. They will like to Laisse with other organization in   activities that are relevant to what they do. GSN will equally be accepting and building partnership with individuals or organization who may want to support their activities.

13) What are some of GSN Partnership Areas?

GSN will engage in partnership   book production most especially on the Book, Developing Children and Key Values to Personal growth which is a hand book that is out to improve on the moral values of young people most especially young school children and university students. They will also accept partnership in Child development which is an activities geared towards supporting underprivileged children. In this area, we shall be liaising with Orphanages and other children centers across the world. Within the domain of Business, we shall be building partnership with organization   in order to deliver quality solution to customers and the public as a whole.