ILLUMINATION/GSN   is a global initiative that interns to develop partnership and enhance development across the world but our main focus will be in Cameroon and Africa. Our main proposition is based on Moral, Professionalism and Vocation. We are involved in diverse activities ranging from the writing of books, running online programs, organising conferences and seminars, running education centre as well as


a centre for child development. This initiative springs off based on the passion the founder and CEO,  Mr Takere Nestor   personally had for young people and their future, considering his personal background and experienced as a child. This was enough motivation to believe young and disadvantaged children should have a much better life in the future. This is the reason why ILLUMINATION (GSN) is an   extensive vision with separate subunits but highly integrated with a common focus to enhance morals, professionalism and vocation.

 Our Motto:

 Arise, Change and Illuminate.

 Our Values:


 To empower young people across the world with moral values and professional skills as well as financial in order to enable them have a sense of direction thereby making them valuable and self sustainable.

Mission Statement:

We are a global organization with more emphasis in Cameroon and Africa, imparting moral values in professionalism and giving a sense of direction and purpose to young people across the world. We are operating to empower young people with professional skills and through economically profitable ventures most especially in the domain of Agriculture, Technology, and Production by building partnership with others stakeholders thereby developing a value driven and self sustainable society.

Target Audience

Main Goals

Main Activities: