ILLUMINATION is a vision not a mere organization and it started in 2007 and was legally registered as a common initiative group on the 1st of December 2009 with a registration number SW /GP/038/09/8563 in compliance with law number 92/006 of 14th August 1992 and its decree of application number 92/455/pm of 23rd November 1992. Also called GSN which means: Global Outreach and Social Network is considered a global initiative with more focus in Africa and Cameroon.

ILLUMINATION/GSN   is a global initiative that interns to develop partnership and enhance development across the world but our main focus will be in Cameroon and Africa. Our main proposition is based on Moral, Professionalism and Vocation. We are involved in diverse activities ranging from the writing of books, running online programs, organising conferences and seminars, running education centre as well as a centre for child development. This initiative springs off based on the passion the founder and CEO,  Mr Takere Nestor personally had for young people and their future, considering his personal background and experienced as a child. This was enough motivation to believe young and disadvantaged children should have a much better life in the future. This is the reason why ILLUMINATION (GSN) is an extensive vision with separate subunits but highly integrated with a common focus to enhance morals, professionalism and vocation.